Hello! I’m Marjorie Ann, a Home Organizer and Personal Shopper in the Southern Utah area. Welcome to the Little Beige House, a life-style site that I use to share projects, ideas, daily photographs, and a little of my everyday.


Two years ago my hubs and I bought our very first house! Like most all the homes in our area, it is beige, beige, beige! Slowly, we’ve been transforming the inside, but it will always be beige on the outside, hence my blog’s name Little Beige House. While my initial inspiration for this blog was to document and share our journey and projects as we paint, improve, and organize our little home, I know that many of my projects will simply be things to enrich our lives in general. I hope you find inspiration here and are encouraged to create your own little haven wherever you may live!

Back in 2007 I started my first blog, Mommy Scraps, a paper crafting journal that I started as a stay-at-home-mom to give me something for me. It truly ended up being therapy. Not only did Mommy Scraps provide me with a place to create goals and keep myself motivated with crafts, it opened up opportunities to get to know other bloggers, be involved in online communities, and have other women support me in some of my most trying personal moments in a way I couldn’t seem to find from people in my physical community. I’ll forever cherish that first blog. It’s still up and contains 4 years of my life. It possibly has even more journaling than my actual scrapbooks!

I took a break from my blog in 2011 when I returned to University to finish my degree. At first I tried posting projects from beginning art classes (which I look back on now with horror!) or other things to keep me active in the blog but there was simply too much on my plate. Something had to go and that something was my beloved blog. I knew one day I would want to begin blogging again and here I am. I’m so excited to start sharing projects again. I hope in some small way I am able to inspire others to create, to build, and to make the world around them a better place. My dream is to continue the success Mommy Scraps had in meeting new bloggers and developing a wonderfully generous community here on Little Beige House.

If you live in or around the Saint George area of Utah, I work as a Home Organizer and Personal Shopper. You can contact me via my Contact Me page to request more information about my services. Otherwise, stick around and get inspiration for your own projects from my posts! Thanks for stopping by and…

Enjoy your visit!