(Virtually) No Cost Organization – #1 Decluttering

I love pretty organized spaces. It’s easy to have a lovely space when you have time to shop and money to buy the things that would make your rooms just right. The truth is though, you don’t need a lot of money to create organized spaces. Over the next few weeks I’m going to share some virtually no cost organization solutions! Bonus – not only are these solutions nicer on our wallets, they’re better for our environment too!

#1 Declutter!

Alright, while this is nothing new, decluttering should always be your first solution when thinking about organization. After all, if you have to spend time organizing all those things, they should at least be the things you are going to use and truly want to keep! Why waste precious time, effort, and money on keeping items that you won’t use or appreciate? One of my favorite quotes about this is:

I thought I needed to organize. Then I realized I just needed less stuff!

Before you begin decluttering, visualize the space you want to have. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Be concrete! Instead of thinking “I want a clean bathroom”, think of what you want in the space – “I want a resort spa style bathroom, clear counters and tropical flowers to great me in the morning. I want an oasis by the bath tub, with glass jars holding bath bombs and a couple palm fronds so it’s like I’m on vacation.”

If you have a hard time imagining your future space, find a couple inspirational pictures online from Pinterest or Instagram to keep you motivated and in-tune to your goals. Focus on what you want the space to be when you are done. Once you have that firmly in your mind, you will declutter with more purpose and confidence. It’s easier to let go of things when you have a clear picture of what you truly want to keep solid in your mind!


Photo from Experience Life

Simple Steps to do a thorough Declutter:

  1. Gather bags for trash and donations/selling, boxes or baskets for moving items between rooms, and a few cleaning rags
  2. Handle each item. Decide where it needs to go – donate/sell, recycle, trash, or another room. Really scrutinize those items you are thinking about keeping, Ask yourself :
    • Does this item make me happy?
    • Do I use this?
    • If I were moving next month, is this worth wrapping, packing, unpacking, cleaning, and finding a place in my new home?
    • Is this item in line with my goals for the space? Where will it go in my future room?
  3. Put items in the bags/boxes where you’ve decided they need to go – donate, recycle, trash, another room.
  4. For the Keep items, wipe them off and then put them away or set them aside to be rearranged once you’ve finished decluttering.
  5. Once you’ve gone through everything you planned, immediately take out the trash and recyclables. Then take the donate/sell items out to your car/garage/front door – whatever space you have that will get you remove them from your home as soon as possible. Remember, all that stuff is still your clutter until it’s out of your home!
  6. Clean up your space with the rags (and/or cleaner if need be) and then put back your keep items according to your new visualized ideal. Or move things around until you’ve reached more of your ideal before putting items back.

Decluttering is one of the best tools in any organization arsenal and it doesn’t cost a dime! It does, however, cost in time and energy. Isn’t it worth all that effort though, to create the life you want? I find the most dramatic differences in a space don’t come from adding storage, they come from getting rid of excess! 😀


Now, not everyone likes to declutter the same way or even in one go. There are books and guides and articles all over to help you on your journey. Find one that resonates with you. My favorite is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. However, here are some links to other great strategies to helping you on your path to a decluttered home!

Be sure to stop by next week for the next installment of the Virtually No Cost Organizing series! Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by! ❤


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